Sales Leadership Roundtable 

Thu, December 9, 2021 @ 1-2 PM EST (Zoom) 


It’s not easy being a Sales Leader or Enabler right now. The world went through a tectonic shift in the last 18 months.

Though some of you may feel like you’re getting your footing, a lot of you are likely still trying to make the best of what feels like a far-from-ideal situation:

  • Your team members are spread across homes and bedrooms and multiple states and time zones

  • Maybe some of your people have moved on or are thinking of leaving amidst the Great Resignation

  • You feel in your gut — maybe with support from your Salesforce dashboards — that performance isn’t where it could be

And all the while, you know that developing your people is vital, and you’re trying to figure out how to do it effectively in this weird new world.

So you’re puzzling this stuff out.


And despite it all, you’re determined to create a place — be it virtual or in-office — where your people can thrive. Why? Because you know that thriving people hold the key to high performance. And where there are thriving people, there is thriving culture — and thriving culture retains and attracts top talent. 

This is a nut that can be cracked, even now. 

Which is why I’m pleased to invite you and a small group of Sales and Enablement leaders to the first Sales Leadership Roundtable.

We’ll talk about what’s going well, where we’re struggling, and you’ll leave with some actionable ideas you can bring straight back to your team.

Zoom Meeting – details included in email. 


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