Panasonic Case Study

We worked Ben Baum and his team of 9 regional business development managers. We built a program to target keep regions of the country to help expand their sales with key resellers.   Learning: An on site assessment with an engineer was a major interest for security executives. Results $9M in incremental Sales Pipeline  

Best project to evaluate SDR talent

Project #1 – Write about them Project #2 – Write to a prospect Project #3 – make a prospect list Make them find prospects in a market for you. How it works? Why its important? How to do it? Link to checklist examples

Topgrading Hiring SDR’s

1. Measure and improve hiring process 1. Job Description specific 2. Well written? 2. Create Job Scorecard 3. Recruit Candidates 4. Screen Candidates with work history forms 1. Comp history 2. Boss Ratings 3. Reasons for leaving 4. Likes/Dislikes of job? 5. Self appraisal 5. Phone Interview 6. Competency Interviews 7. Top Grading Interview 1. […]

20-30 Deal Review

Get a Copy of the lsat 20-30 Deal Spreadsheet